How do I post content to my Club?

Once your Club is setup (click here to learn how) you'll want to start adding content to attract new subscribers!

To post exclusive content to your Club, go to your profile, click the Club tab, and then any sub-tab.

NEW Feature! Blurb Section: 

This is the new description area for Creators to let fans know what type of content you post in your Club!

Next, click the field that says "Write a Club note to your fans!" From there, you will have the option to add text, photos or vids!

You can add your content and then you will need to toggle the option to declare whether your content features co-performers. 

You can declare your co-performer(s) this way. 

If your post does not feature any co-performer(s) you can set this option to 'No'.

 Then hit < post to Your Club>. Your content has now been added to Your Club!  

How to post Club content on mobile!

- Access your Profile and click on the circular purple icon:

To learn how to schedule your Club posts click here!

Club Upload Specs

5 Character Minimum
1000 Character Maximum
20MB Maximum File Size/each pic3GB Maximum File Size
20  Minutes Maximum Length

If you will be featuring a co-performer in any of your Club content, you'll want to visit the article here!

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