How do I view my Payouts?

Check out how much cash you have on the way! Payout is that special time when we send out all the earnings you have been building up on your account!

To verify your Payouts go to 'My Earnings' (either from your profile or the drop-down menu > 'Earnings' > 'My Earnings'), locate Payout History and click <View> to review your recent payments!

From here, you'll be able to see when a payout was issued to you, the payment method or type that was used and the amount paid out to you!

You have access to your entire payout history on ManyVids. To view payouts from previous years, go to the filter with your 'Payout History' and select the year that you wish to view. 

Want more information on Payouts on MV? Check out out Payment Information article.