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What are my options for receiving a payment? 

So, you’ve made your first few sales and now you’re wondering how payout works! Well, you can choose between many different payment methods! We are pleased to offer payouts by Direct Deposit, yoursafe (includes Check and Wire Transfer withdrawals)Paxum, and Cosmopayment. We’re always looking for new payment methods to make sure our Creators far and wide can access their funds!  

When do payouts happen? 

Payments from MV are issued automatically on the 1st and 16th of each month once you have met the minimum payout requirement.

The cutoff time to reach the minimum amount will be 7pm EST the day before payout and payment dates that land on weekends or holidays will be sent on the following business day. 

Depending on your selected payment method, most payout are received within 2-7 business days!  The table below shows the processing times for receiving payouts,  as well and the fees and minimum earnings needed for each method of payment: 

Payment Methods

MethodProcessing TimeMinimum EarningsFees
Direct Deposit5 - 7 business days$50.00USD 2.00 (US) / USD 5.50 (International transfer fee)
Paxum Prepaid Cards1-2 business days$50.00USD 1.00 transfer fee
Cosmopayment Prepaid Cards1-2 business days$50.00Transfer fees applied by Cosmopayment
1-2 business days$50.00FREE transfer to yoursafe account
Withdrawal fees applied by yoursafe

To add or update your payment method, check out our article How do I add or update my payment method? including direct deposit, checks, wire transfers and we have a few prepaid options as well. US citizens will need to submit a W9 form before adding a payment method, click here to learn more.

UK Creators: Due to mounting compliance regulations on international payouts to UK bank accounts, we have experienced an increasing settlement delay after payouts have been sent (potentially 15+ business days). To avoid this delay, UK Creators may choose one of our available wallet option for a faster payment method.

If it's passed the normal processing times and you still haven't received your payout, check out the article: Why haven't I received my Payout yet?

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