Your Cam Room & Vibe

It’s your time to shine! Show your fans your best self whatever that means for you. Here are some tips to help you find your vibe:

  • Keep a fun & positive attitude in order to create and maintain a space where Members come to unwind
  • Set the tone of your live show with music to elevate the energy and keep the room feeling lively
  • Engage in conversation with your visitors by talking, dancing, laughing and being present in the moment
  • Avoid distractions (cell phone, television, etc.) so Members who come into your room feel engaged to stay 
  • Keep your space fresh! A clean room with unique decor that represents your personality will help Members focus on you
  • Smile – it helps everyone in your room smile too!

Your cam room will help your fans understand who you are. Once you have a space you’re happy with, you will notice more Members will be attracted to your room and repeatedly return to have fun and tip. Keeping those members coming back means you’re converting them into regulars which is beneficial for your brand and success.

To learn more about managing your audience, check out our guide here!

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