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This is your central presence on ManyVids and on your MV Social feed that quickly and efficiently sums you up, allows fans to discover you and see what you have to offer. Your profile is your online store and ManyVids is like the online shopping mall where all MV Stars have their stores. 

Your MV Profile lets you communicate with the world and show everyone what you’re all about and what they can purchase from your Store. If you’ve created a profile on a social media site before it’s rather similar, Your MV Profile will be the same thing - only your profile is also set up to help you reach your career goals by generating sales! A lot of sales ;-) 

Crafting a personalized profile is key in attracting new and loyal customers!

To see how your profile looks currently, simply click the <ManyVids> logo at the top of the site!

Setting up your Profile:

We first suggest adding your profile pics! Click here to learn how. Make sure to add a short description below your profile pic and express yourself!

Your profile will also display your MV Number. This number is your overall rank on the site and is determined by your MV Score. Click here to learn how to increase your score! 

You will also see your total number of Followers. People who follow you will see your social posts in their activity feed. You can see who follows you and who you are following by clicking the 3-dots in the top right of your profile and clicking <Followers>.

A Vid Banner will play your vid previews while people browse your profile. Click the vid banner directly to edit it to show your best sellers!


What you see on your own profile.
What a visiting member sees.
MV Social: A great way to market yourself, interact with other stars and be a contributing member of the MV Community! Click here to learn more about MV Social! 
This tab is also where you will post to you MV Crush Club, a personalized fan club for your fans only! Click here for more information 

Store: This is where members first land when they visit your profile so make sure to pay special attention to this section! This will display your Vids and also contains your Store Items so make sure to pin your absolute best products to the top of your store. Need help uploading vids? Click here. Store items? Right over here.

Services: Those extra things you are willing to offer to your fans such as Custom Vids, Texting, Vid Chat and so much more! Click here to learn about all the services you can offer on MV.

Pics: Click this tab to start uploading pics to your profile for visitors to see!

About Me: Sometimes your fans just want to know everything about you! The About page allows you to go into depth explaining your passions, your interests, your talents, and everything else that makes you unique. You get to write a longer bio and talk about what you’re into and what your offer. There’s also a section you should fill in with several fields so everyone can get to know you better that includes details from your eye color to your astrological sign.  You can click here to learn how to edit it. 
Tip: The details you enter into your About Me section will help you show up in advances searches, so the more detailed, the better!

Notifications: Keep up with all your MV Social activity! This will show you when you receive new Followers, Comments, ReMV's and more.Only you will see this tab on your profile. 

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