How do I setup/edit my MV Live Tip Menu?

Looking to get more tips in MV Live? Setting up or editing your Tip Menu is a great way to keep your members interested by offering to perform things for a set amount of tokens! You can offer up to 29 tip options, and members will always have the option to send you custom tips. 

To set this up, first create a live room. From there, click <Tip Menu> below the cam feed. To add a new Tip Menu option, click  <+ Add New> and under “Menu Item” put what action you will perform, then under “Token Amount” put how many tokens you will be charging to perform that action and then hit <Save>. You will see the new option has been added!

To edit an existing tip menu option, click the item you wish to edit and this will give you the option to change the item name and token amount; make sure to save your changes!

To completely remove a tip menu item, select the item you wish to remove and hit <Remove>.

Why not set up a Prize Wheel as well for even more tips? Click here to learn how. 

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