How do I use the site Promo Blasters?

FanClub Promo Blaster

On ManyVids we believe that celebrating success is so much more fun when shared with all your fellow MV Creators and adoring fans! To help you do just that, we have introduced the FanClub Promo Blaster !

To activate this feature,  go to your drop-down Menu > Marketing Tools >FanClub Promo Blaster (

Each time you sell a Vid, a promotional post is generated and auto-posted to your FanClub feed. You can set the post frequency set to each, 2nd, 5th, 10th, 30th, 50th sale, or an option to select 'Never'.

**Please note that the FanClub Promo Blaster will only auto-post VID sales.

Twitter Promo Blaster

The Twitter Promo Blaster is an automated feature that you can turn on and link to your Twitter account so that’ll Tweet when you make a sale and link to the vid being sold.  This is a great way to promote your content automatically! 

ManyVids has great traffic internally but this is a powerful and fantastic way to engage your fans outside of the platform as they get to see what vids are popular, discover new content, and get curious about the vids you’re selling on your MV Profile!  

When you link your Twitter to your MV account, the Twitter Promo Blaster will automatically be set up to your account. You can adjust the frequency of the auto-tweets by clicking the drop-down Menu > Marketing Tools > Twitter Promo Blaster (

ManyVids always seeks to provide creators with options. You can choose the frequency for the auto-tweets being sent out and you can turn it off, or on and off, as you see fit!  Choose between auto-tweets every 2 sales, 5 sales, 10 sales, 20 sales, 50 sales or never if you wish to turn it off.   We'd like to point out that, Twitter does have some parameters in place against spam, so we’re limited to a certain number of auto-tweets sent out per hour. If you sold a vid and don’t see an auto-tweet, it could be that we’ve reached the limit. We have no control over this Twitter limit. 

You can also choose between tweeting a teaser vid, or a screenshot, under the "Tweet Type" selection:

Be sure to 'Save' your changes! 

So, this is a feature for Twitter...should I still be active on Twitter or let the Promo Blaster take care of promo for me? 

We recommend being active on all social media channels and outlets to maximize the number of eyes on your content! Interact with your fans, promote your content, talk up your free vids, post pics, chat with your peers, put yourself out there and have fun doing it. You’ll make new fans, new friends, and new sales.  

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