I get a format error when uploading a custom Teaser

When uploading a custom Teaser for your Vid, are you getting an error message that says the video format is not supported? If so, then the original Teaser video may have been formatted with a codec that is not compatible with our streaming platform. Codecs use algorithms to effectively shrink the size of the audio or video file, and then decompress it when needed.

Luckily, converting video codecs is easy! When editing a raw video file, most editing software will allow you to select which codec you'd like to use. We recommend that you always use the 'H.264' codec, since it's widely supported for most streaming platforms. 

You can also convert the codec on a video file using the VLC Media Player. Simply install VLC (https://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html), and then follow these steps for either Windows or Mac:

VLC on Windows

  1. Open VLC and Click on 'Media' in the top left, then 'Convert/ Save'
  2. From this section, open the original file of the vid.
  3. From the Convert / Save dropdown at the bottom, select 'Convert' 
  4. On the drop-down next to 'Profile', select 'H.264'
  5. Click 'Browse' then select Save Location
  6. Name the file, press 'Save', then press, 'Start'

VLC on Mac

  1. Open VLC and Click on ‘File’ in the top left, then 'Convert / Stream'
  2. Open the original file of the vid.
  3. Click on ‘Customize’ from the Choose Profile section 
  4. Click on the ‘Video codec’ tab from the pop-up window 
  5. From the Codec drop-down menu, select ‘H.264’, then ‘Apply’  
  6. ‘Save as File’, ‘Browse’ then select Save Location
  7. Wait for the conversion to be completed

Once the conversion is complete, the new (re-formatted) video file should be ready to upload as your custom Teaser!  You can find more info on that here: How do I generate a vid teaser or upload a custom vid teaser?

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