Club Leaders Contest

What is the "Club Leaders Contest"? 

The Club Leaders Contest is a Contest based on FREE voting and Club activity. Creators enter the contest by participating from the Contest page (uploading their photo). Once voting starts, Creators will earn points for FREE votes received, and for activities happening within their Clubs on ManyVids. Winners will receive cash prizes in addition to some amazing promotional opportunities! 

Points will only start to be counted after the contest begins. If items are removed or actions are undone, the points will be reversed. 

So, how can you collect points and climb up the leaderboard? By uploading, promoting, and getting fans to engage with and subscribe to your Club! 

How do the points work?  

  • Free Votes - 1 point each 
  • First-time Club Activation - 10,000 points 
  • Club Feed "Like" (on paid posts only) - 10 points 
  • Club Feed "Comment" (on paid posts only) - 50 points 
  • Club Feed "Re-MV" (on paid posts only) - 100 points 
  • Trial Subscription - 100 points 
  • 1-month Subscription - 1000 points 
  • 3-month Subscription - 5000 points 
  • 6-month Subscription - 10,000 points 
  • 12-month Subscription - 20,000 points 
  • New Club Vid Upload - 500 points 
  • New Club Pic Upload - 250 points per photo 
  • New Club Text Post - 100 points 

Points will only be counted once the Club Leaders Contest has begun. Any behavior or actions intended to skew the points system or falsify activity for points will result in disqualification. 

What are the prizes? 

  • 1st place: An exclusive ManyVids Gear Collab, a Clubs Lander Spotlight Vid + $750 BONUS  
  • 2nd place: Featured on all ad zones for 1 weekend + $500 BONUS  
  • 3rd place: An exclusive post on x and the ManyVids Feed promoting their Club + $250 BONUS  
  • Club Choice: $100 BONUS 

How to Get the Most Out of the Promotion as a Creator: 

Promote: Let your audience know about the promotion. This can be done through social media. Inform your followers about the opportunity to support you. 

Engage with Your Audience: During the promotional period, engage and interact with your audience. Encourage them to help you collect points by performing specific actions with your Club and incentivizing them to interact with everything! 

And remember! Any activity within your Club will not only collect you points in the Club Leaders Contest, but it will also help you climb the ranks on our Top Club Earners page – making you eligible for even more cash bonuses at the end of every month! 

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