How do I find my monthly ranking?

If you are looking to get your competitive juices flowing and want to vie for a spot on the Top Earners contest to win some bonus cash prizes, the monthly ranking tool is your best friend!

Your MV Rank is where you stand in terms of earnings from the 1st to the last day of each month. You can view your MV Rank directly from the drop down menu. 

From within your Earnings > My Earnings,  you can view additional monthly rank details by clicking on the 'View' option.

This section will show you a graphic representation of your monthly progress throughout the current year.

Maybe some months see more sales than others! You can catch trends by comparing different years in the graph. 

Knowing and keeping tabs on your ranking can help you plan and prepare your content to maximize your potential for sales!

Learn more about MV Rank and MV Score here

Want to keep tabs on your daily ranking? Click here to find out how!