What types of IDs are accepted?

On ManyVids, 100% of all Creators and Producers are verified. In order for us to approve your account, you will need to submit a photo of yourself holding your clearly legible ID next to your face along with a sign that has following:
* Today's Date

* Your Date of Birth

* Your Legal Name

* The word "MANYVIDS"

The ID that you provide must be a government issued photo ID that displays:

* Your date of birth

* Your full legal name 

* An expiration date (if applicable). 

If there are any important details on the back of the ID, please make sure to include a photo of the back as well. 

Here are a few examples of accepted ID:

- Driver’s License
- Passport
- State ID Card
- Health Card
- Uniformed Services

For security reasons, we cannot accept temporary or expired IDs.

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