What is my MV Score and how do I increase it?

Your MV Score can be seen on the "About Me" section of your profile and will determine your position in your given category. For example, MV Girl #1 is the MV Girl account with the highest MV Score among other MV Girl accounts and shows up at the top of the MV Girls section of the page, the second highest score is MV Girl #2, etc. 

Every account can earn 750 "base points". These points will always be on your profile and you can earn these by doing the following:

- Uploading 10 or more vids - 175 points
- Offering services (Phone #, Texting, Vid Chat, Custom Vids, & Fund Me) - 125 points each
- Setting up a membership - 100 points
- Uploading 10 or more store items - 125 points
- Uploading 7 or more gallery photos - 75 points
- Linking your Twitter - 75 points
- Filling out your 'About Me' section - 75 points

Anything else that increases your score accounts for the last 45 days of activity so it's important to stay active! Anything before those 45 days will fall off of your MV Score, this gives everyone a chance to reach for the top!

Here's a list of things that can increase your score:

- Maintain a steady upload of vids, pics and store items
- If fans show you love, this helps your score! So encourage them to "heart" their favourite things on your profile.
- Sales of your vids, services, & items
- Getting reviews from members

Keep up the hard work, stay consistent and you'll start increasing that score in no time!