Why aren't my X auto-posts sending?

If you connected your X account to your MV account, but you notice not all of your sales are auto-posting, there could be several causes for this.

X caps automatic posts

First, keep in mind that X has several caps that can prevent some auto-posts from appearing. The limits are as follows:

  • X limits auto-posts to 100 posts per user, reset every 15 minutes. This limit includes posts from any other platforms you might be using.
  • Overall daily cap for MV is 10k posts-- this includes all posts from all accounts on MV
  • Overall monthly cap for MV is 300k-- this includes all posts from all accounts on MV

This limit is the cause of the overwhelming majority of issues with auto-posts, and if reconnecting your X (see below) doesn't work, then it's almost 100% caused by cap imposed by X.

If you have other sites that are sending auto-posts on your account, you can adjust your post frequency by going to your drop-down menu > Dashboard > Marketing Tools > X Promo Blaster as this is where you can change the frequency of your auto-posts for sales to see if it's set to your liking.

Relinking your X

To troubleshoot this problem, you can try to unlink and relink your X account to your MV Account, as this often solves any potential issues with MV's link to X. To do so, go through the following steps:

  1. On X, go to Settings & Support > Settings and privacy > Security and account access > Apps and sessions > Connected apps > ManyVids App > "Revoke app permissions" (This must be done prior to relinking your account or the issue will persist).
  2. On ManyVids, go to your drop-down menu > Dashboard > Marketing Tools > X Promo Blaster and remove your X URL, click 'Unlink X account' then save.
  3. Add your X link again and hit Save, then click "Link X account", enter your X login credentials and hit "Authorize app".
  4.  Mark your posts as sensitive on X by going to your Settings > Privacy and Safety > Your posts > Mark as sensitive
  5. After relinking your X, be sure to go to your drop-down menu > Marketing Tools > MV Promo Blaster to set your auto-posts to your liking.

If your posts still aren't posting, then the problem is most likely being caused by X's caps (see above). This is a limitation imposed by X and we aren't able to resolve it from our side.

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