How do I earn a badge?

At ManyVids we have an array of badges for Creators and Members to proudly display on their profile! 

Want to earn badge? We’ll tell you what you need for each one!

New Cummer badge

 You’ll have this badge to highlight your status as a new Creator. To get this badge, make sure you have uploaded an Avatar, 3 vids, and 5 pictures to your new MV Profile. Your badge will be displayed for 30 days!

MV Contest Winner

You’ve just participated in our themed, week long contest and won! To ensure that your hard work gains attention on your profile, you'll receive this shinning badge to flaunt your talent.

MV Awards Badge 

This badge goes out to all of our 1st place category winners who take part in the MV Awards. You can proudly display  this badge for all of your fans to see!

Premium Membership badge

 This is the ultimate badge for Members to  have on ManyVids, to help you stand out from the rest!  All you have to do is purchase one of our Premium Membership packages to receive this badge

Top Reviewer 

Reviewers get rewarded!  ManyVids rewards Members who have made 100 or more vid reviews. 

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