Taking it to the next level

Once you’re comfortable on MV Live you may want to elevate your game to set yourself apart. If you’re interested, here are some fun ideas:

  • Prepare fun games to play with your viewers (card games, board games & more) 
  • Use a mirror in your cam room or a second camera with OBS to show your fans a sexy new angle
  • Create special promotions (Ex: First 2 members to tip 222 tks will win my newest vid
  • Invite fellow MV Live Creators to do a collaboration show with you
  • Have a visible board in your cam room where you put the names of the highest tippers of the month for added recognition of your biggest supporters
  • Change up your look with costumes, wigs and more (your fans can purchase these for you & you can sell the used items in your Store as collector’s items once you’re done using them)
  • Create a unique MV Live vid that you will give to the top tipper of the night 
  • Decorate your room in a unique way and adjust decor for special events


As with everything on ManyVids, you can take things as far as your creativity wants to go! The more creative you are, the more appealing you will become to your fans. Get inspired by artists you love and fellow Creators and try to use their creativity to fuel your own fire.

If you can harness the shining star inside of you, you will become an outstanding MV Live Creator, receive lots of tips & achieve total success!

Curious about what you can do on MV Live? Check out our guide here!

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