How do I find my MV number?

You can now find on your dashboard, your current standing amongst all Creators and what determines your position on the Creators page.

Introducing your Global Rank

Your daily rank is based on your MV Score. You can find more info on that here: What is my MV Score and how do I increase it?

If you want to find out about where you stand in terms of your daily ranking, you can view this via the drop-down menu > My Earnings, then click  <View> from across the Daily Ranking Category.

From here, you can view detailed information on your daily ranking:

You can even compare historical daily progress by selecting a month to view.

Your number will also be visible to on your profile if you're in the top 100 Creators in your account category!

Your monthly rank is also available to you! This one is based solely on earnings. You can find more info on that here: How do I find my monthly ranking? 

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