How do I manage discounts on my profile? (Discount Manager)

If you're looking to add a discount or have a sale on your MV Profile, the Discount Manager is the tool is for you!

Having discounts and temporarily offering lower prices is a fantastic way to attract and engage your fans and make loyal new fans. You can have a sale for a specific reason: as a holiday promotion, to highlight older vids, to get Members to visit your profile, to give your fans a treat... you name it! It’s an all-around amazing method to reach whatever goals you may have as a creator. 

You can set up a big sale on multiple vids at once by applying a discount percentage and selecting a time period for how long the sale runs. You can also put just one individual vid on sale by editing that vid and selecting the discount percentage on the vid edit page!  

You can also decide that you don’t want to put anything on sale. It’s your choice!

How do I create a discount on my store items? 

To create a discount on your vids or store items:

  1. Go to the drop-down menu 
  2. Click Dashboard
  3.  Find Discount Manager under Marketing Tools 
  4. Select "Vids" or "Store" at the top 
  5. Drag the items from the left box to the right to set those as the items for discount.
  6. From there you can select the percentage of the discount (from 10% to 75%)
  7. Chose the date the sale begins as well as the date it ends (the times are based on your time zone)
  8. Make sure to hit <Save> when finished!

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