How do I view my recent sales?

Keep track of your latest sales and orders directly from your profile! 

To locate your recent sales:

  1. Go to the drop-down menu
  2. My Earnings
  3.  From here, locate 'Recent Sales'

Your last sale or adjustment will be immediately visible and you can expand the list by clicking <View>. You can also view your earnings quickly from the Dashboard!

By default, all recent sales are displayed in this section, but if you would like to view your sales by a specific type, you can do so by using the filter on the left hand side:

You have many filter options for viewing your sales

 You can sort by the following types: Store, Vids, Services, Converted Tokens, Affiliate Sales, Bonus, Pay To Open and Contest Votes(Note that Contest Votes only reflects paid votes.)

Sales in pink/red

Earnings/sales that are in pink or red mean that the purchase was made at a discounted price either due to a promo code or discount available on your profile.

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