What is the MV Dashboard?

The dashboards is a one-page summary of all your important performance metrics! If you log in as a Creator, you will be directed to the dashboard. 

Note: New Creators must upload a profile pic and have an avatar uploaded.


  • Total Unpaid - Current total unpaid earnings.
  • Profile Visits - The total number of profile visits in the current calendar month. 
  • New Followers - The total number of new followers gained in the current month.
  • MV Time - The system time for MV

Dashboard Metrics 

The dashboard metrics section shows metrics in chart or table format. This section also has quick links to relevant pages.

The various key performance indicators shown in this section are: 

Total Earnings (USD): This is a line chart which shows the daily revenues earned in the current month and compares it with the previous month’s trends. Breakdown will take you to My Earnings > Daily Sales

Profile Visits: The profile visits is a line chart and show the daily count of logged-in profile visits the you have received in the current month and compares it with the previous month’s trends. Breakdown will take you to My Earnings > Daily Traffic

Earnings (USD): This section shows the earnings in the current month:

  1. Vids - total amount earned from Vid sales
  2. Live -  total amount of earnings generated by converted tokens
  3. Club - total amount earned from initial purchases and rebills from Club subscriptions
  4. Items - total amount earned from “Store Items“
  5. Custom Vids - total amount earned from “Custom Vids“ 
  6. Vid Bundle - total amount earned from initials and rebills from Vid Bundles subscriptions from the current month (Also known as Get My Vids)
  7. Tips - total amount earned from tips from the current month.

Top 10 Members: This section represents the top 10 members who have purchased various services in the current month. 

Your Ranks: This section shows the global rank, the MV Live rank, and Club rank

  • Global Rank: The global rank is calculated based on revenues earned in the last 45 days. It is the rank as compared to all the other Creators across all services.
  • Live Rank: The MV Live rank is the the rank as compared to all the other MV Live Creators and is calculated every month based on the number of tokens received. The "Top Live Earners” link takes you to the “My Earnings → Top Earners“ page.

Subscriptions: Shows the total number of new subscribers added in the current month.

Quick Links: This section hosts quick links to the various important parts of the platform.

Announcements: This section shows the latest 10 blog posts from ManyVids. 

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