What is a clip site?

A clip site is an e-commerce platform where you set up an online store, and customers purchase products and services à la carte. It’s really not that different in practice then sites like Amazon, Etsy, or eBay!  

You can sell vids through your MV Profile because we function as an e-commerce platform where you’re the seller and you can set your own listings, prices, and control your own shop! But that’s not all you can do! 

On MV, you can:  

  • Sell individual vids  
  • Sell all your vids at once – Membership 
  • Live stream and earn token tips – MV Live 
  • Sell Custom Vids 
  • Earn Tips
  • Sell Store items 
  • Engage fans and build a following 
  •  Sell fan-site subscriptions!
    Members can browse through vid previews and the items that are offered for sale without having to pay for anything until they choose what they want. It’s like walking into a physical store and getting the chance to select what you want to buy! 

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