How do I search for vids on ManyVids?

On ManyVids, there are many ways to be able to find the content that you are looking for.

The first and most accessible area to search for different content on the site can be found almost everywhere when navigating through the site will be the search bar found on the header:

After searching here, you can opt to search using the different parameters

All - This will search the site for the key words you have typed. This is a broad search that looks for each word in any and all areas of ManyVids

Vids -  Searching under this filter will look for the keywords you have typed in vid titles and descriptions.

Creators - This will limit the search to finding the specific Creator with the keywords in their stage name.

Store - Will garner results that focus more on store item names and descriptions.

If you are looking to search for specific vids that fit a certain style or category, you might be best served by clicking "Advanced Search":

Advanced Search on desktop.

Advanced Search icon on mobile.

Clicking the "Advanced Search" option will unlock further search parameters to get you exactly the vid you're looking for.

One way of looking through the different vids that we have on the site is to filter via the different categories available:

The default vids presented will be Newest Vids but you can change the filter to the many different categories:

Being Viewed - Those that are currently being viewed by other site users.

Newest Vids - The latest uploads from Creators.

Most Loved - Vids that have collected the most number of hearts.

Most Views - These are vids that have had the most number of views (a combination of preview views and full views)

Best Rating - Members have the ability to rate purchased vids and you'll be able to find the highest rated ones when clicking here

Duration - Will display the longest(in terms of run time) vids by default.

Top Monthly Vids - The top vids sold for the current month

Top 100 Sold Vids - The 100 best selling vids on ManyVids

Crowned Vids - These vids have earned awards for being the best selling for their specific categories.

Top 100 Fetish Vids - These are the top selling fetish vids on MV.

If you wish to further fine-tune your searching, you can also be more specific in what you're looking for by setting the parameters on the left hand side of the Advanced Search page.

There is truly something for everyone on ManyVids! 

If you are having difficulty searching through the site, feel free to reach out to us anytime at anytime!

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