10% Off Discounted Vids

What is it?

"10% Off Discounted Vids" is a limited-time promotion offered by ManyVids. During the promotional period, Members will receive an additional 10% off Vid purchases-- funded by ManyVids! Throughout the promotion, only discounted Vids from participating Creators will be shown on the Vids page. 

How does it work?   

The offer will apply to all Vid purchases made during the promotional period. The promo is only applicable to Vids sold individually and not Vid Memberships. To participate, discount the Vids of your choosing, and they will be shown on the Vids page throughout the promotional period. 

How to Get the Most Out of the Promotion as a Creator: 

Promote: Let your audience know about the promotion. This can be done through social media, Broadcast, or via direct messaging. Inform your followers about the opportunity to support you and get an additional discount of 10%. 

Engage with Your Audience: During the promotional period, engage with your audience, interact with them, and produce high-quality content to encourage more Vid purchases. 

* Promo start times are in Eastern Standard Time

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