How do I create promo-codes for my store?

To create a promo code to share with your fans, go to the drop-down menu > Marketing Tools > Promo Codes (

The initial page will have a full history of your promo codes allowing you to edit and recreate previous Promo Cods.

To create a new one you can simply click <Create New Promo Code>.

For each promo code you create you can select a title, promo code type (markup codes increase the price of a sale, this is generally used for financial domination fetish), discount percentage, item/services it applies to, if it apply to items currently on sale (that are already marked down) and the date range of the promo code for when it will be active and when it will deactivate. Don't forget to save the changes!

You can share promo codes on your MV Profile, using MV Flyer, over MV Crush Club, on Twitter or wherever you like! Members will be prompted to use this at checkout and it will only work on your own store.

Please note, if a member uses a promo code to pay for a service that is recurring, they will continue to pay the promo code/ discounted price as long as they continue to auto-renew, this is also true if you edit the price of that service.