How do I block or unblock a member or Creator from viewing my profile?

If you need to block a member or Creator from viewing your profile, live room or from sending you messages, there are two ways to do this.

The first way to block another user is from that user's profile. To do so, click the 3-dots in the top right of their profile and select <Block>.

The other way to block a user is:

  1. The drop-down menu 
  2. Security Center
  3. Find the section named “Blocked Members / Creators” and click <View>
  4. Enter the username of the user you wish to block 
  5. Click “Block”

To unblock a previously blocked user:

  1. Go to your drop-down menu 
  2. Security Center 
  3. Click <View> next to "Blocked Members / Creators"
  4. Locate the user you wish to unblock and click the <X> next to their username
  5. Click <Yes> and they are now unblocked

    To learn how to block certain regions or countries from viewing your profile or live room, click here!

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