How do I fill out/upload my W9 to MV?

For all Creators who are US citizens or being paid to a US bank account or address, you will be required to submit a W9 form for approval before adding a payment method.

Click here for a web-based version of the W9 form.

W-9 requirements for an individual are as follows:

· Legal Name
· A selection in box 3
· Address
· Signature & Date (if possible)

W-9 requirements for companies or corporations are as follows:

· Company Name
· A selection in box 3
· Address
· Signature & Date (if possible)

To fill out the form for submission, you can do one of the following:

- Print the form, fill in the requested fields and take a picture or scan it
- Fill the form in using your browser and take a screenshot of the completed form
- Use a PDF editing software to fill in the form 

Once the form is completed, you can submit it for review by going to your drop-down menu > Settings > U.S. Tax Forms. Once received, we will verify that it's filled in with all the necessary information, and if not we will send you an email letting you know to submit again.

For more detailed tax information, you would be best served to consult a tax professional and to refer to the IRS official website.

If you ever need to update the W9 attached to your account, you can send the updated form to

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