How do I delete a vid, Pic or Store Item?

Looking to clean up some of your content from your profile? Below we will provide you with instructions on how to remove Vids, Pics and Store Items when you no longer wish to feature them.

How to delete a Vid

To delete a vid, go to your Content Manager (drop-down menu > Manage My Store > Content Manager) and locate the vid you wish to delete. To the right of the vid, click the 3-dots and you will see the option to "Delete". Once you click that, you will be given a pop-up to confirm your request. You can also delete a vid by going to edit the vid and at the bottom you should see the option "Delete Vid Permanently" which will work the same way.

Click the 3-dots on the vid in Content Manager to delete.--------------------
How to delete a Pic

To delete one or more pictures from your profile, go to the "Pics" tab on your profile (My Profile) and hover over the picture you wish to delete. You will see a small blue circle appear in the top right corner of the pic. Click the blue circle and you should now see that the "Delete" button is highlighted in red at the top of this section; you can select more than one pic at the same time for deletion. Click "Delete", and a pop-up will ask you to confirm your choice.

Click the blue circle on the pic to activate the "Delete" button.--------------------
How to delete a Store Item

To delete a Store Item, go to My Profile and go to the Store tab and click on the "Items" sub-tab. Locate the item you wish to delete and click the 3-dots in the top right corner of the item picture and you will be given the option to "Delete". When you click that, a pop-up will appear asking to confirm your request.

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