Mention Madness Promo

What is "Mention Madness"? 

It’s time for Mention Madness on ManyVids! Mentions are HERE and we want to help spread the love - tag your fellow Creators on your FREE Club Feed during the promo period to help spread positivity in the community, show love to your peers and a chance to win exclusive promo!

How do I participate?   

  • To enter, simply create a post on your FREE Club Feed mentioning another Creator (Type @ and start typing a name to select someone from the drop-down). 
  • You can promote their content, their profile, a collab you did together, or simply give them a shout out just to spread some love - as long as you mention them, you will be entered!
  • Encourage your followers to interact with the post(s)
  • And, at the end of the promo period,  the 3 Creators whose FREE Club posts have the most engagement/interaction (reposts, comments, likes) will win the amazing promotional opportunities listed below to help put them and their content in the spotlight! 

What are the prizes?   

  • 1st place: An email blast sent to our subscribed Members promoting your Profile and content
  • 2nd place: A pop-up announcement on the ManyVids platform for 24 hours promoting your Profile and content
  • 3rd place: Your content will be added to all of the ad-zone rotations on the ManyVids platform for 1 week

Additional Details:

Creators must have the following to enter:

  • A minimum of 10 Vids uploaded on their Profile
  • A minimum of 6 Store Items on their Profile
  • An active Club on their Profile
  • Offer Custom Vids on their Profile

Keep in mind, anyone you mention will get a notification that you've mentioned them in a Club post, inviting them to check it out and reply!

How to Get the Most Out of the Promotion as a Creator: 

Promote: Let your audience know about the promotion. This can be done through social media, Broadcast, or via direct messaging. 

Engage with Your Audience: During the promotional period, engage with your audience, interact with them, and encourage them to support you by engaging with your posts!

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