Co-performer Documentation

What do I need to prepare if I want to perform with someone else on ManyVids?

Every time you post content or stream Live with someone other than yourself, it is required to keep a copy of a fully completed Co-performer Release Form as well as a scan of their valid government issued photo ID. Be prepared to provide these to MV Support upon request within a reasonable timeframe, to ensure that your content is protected. For more information regarding record keeping requirements, please review section 3.10 of ManyVids' Terms of Services for Uploaders

What are Co-performer Release Forms?

These are release forms that prove that you have the rights to distribute content featuring performers other than yourself, so you are permitted to upload them on ManyVids. While you are welcome to use your own release forms, we have a template available that can be downloaded on the site. You can find it  here: MV-Co-Model-Agreement_v1.2.pdf

I've uploaded a vid featuring someone else, now what?

You will then need to navigate to the vid's Edit Page where you will declare whether the uploaded vid features one or more co-performers. If your vid features other performers, you will need to follow the directions to upload your co-performer documentation.  

You can add a maximum of 25 co-performers to each vid! Any content that features more than 10 co-performers, you’ll be required to send the performer documentation to   

Co-performer verification is easy to do! Visit the article “Co-performer Declaration” for a complete guide on how to verify your co-performers.  

Note: When editing previously uploaded vids, Creators will be prompted to make a selection in the Co-performer declaration area before changes can be saved.

The error message when you do not make a selection on this area

Note: Your documentation will be reviewed once submitted and you may be contacted by a MV Team member for clarification.  

If you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out to MV Support by e-mailing and we will be more than happy to help you out!

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