Edit Vids Page - How do I edit a vid’s price?

As you know by now, on ManyVids you always have full control over your content, and you can sell whatever you believe your vid is worth! MV Stars can charge a minimum of $1.99 per vid up to a maximum of $999.99 per vid. 

Remember, the price you set will be the total that the member will be paying for, this excludes the MV Percentage. Click here to learn more about it!

Setting a few vids for FREE is a great idea to promote yourself and your work on your MV Profile or just a way  to share your passions with the world! Some of these free vids can be teasers or sections from longer works that you are selling. Or they can be vids that engage and entice your fans. This is a beneficial tool to use to ensure that they connect to you and want to support you by purchasing your paid content.  

If you decide to make the vid available for free, simply click on the “Make This Vid Free” option. 

Is $12 the same as $11.99? 

I’m glad you asked! Did you know that $11.99 actually looks much cheaper than $12? Ending a price with the number 0 or 5 is not a good idea. For example: $12.50 looks less enticing than $12.49! 

Marketers have been aware of this for years and that is why you rarely see a rounded price on anything, anywhere, these days. Adjusting your prices with a marketing mindset will help increase your sales. 

Once I set the price for a vid is it locked in? 

Absolutely not! You can alter the price of any vid at any time. Freedom and flexibility are what we always strive for. This is helpful because in the beginning, you may want to do some trial and error to find out what pricing works best for you and your fans. Before you know it, you’ll find a sweet spot that works for you and setting prices will become second nature! 

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