Pilot Season: Your Big Break Awaits on ManyVids!

Pilot Season: Your Big Break Awaits on ManyVids! 

This April, ManyVids is launching into uncharted territories with our first-ever Pilot Season—a groundbreaking initiative designed to spotlight your creativity and bring fresh, original content to the forefront of the adult content creation world. Have you been nurturing a brilliant idea for a show? It's time to take center stage and let your creativity soar. We're not just watching; we're ready to green light your next big safe-for-work project! 

What's Pilot Season All About?  

Pilot Season runs from April 1st to April 30th, and it's all about discovering and elevating new SFW shows that captivate and entertain. This is your golden opportunity to pitch your show directly to the ManyVids community and see it come to life with full production support. Here's how to make your mark: 

  • Upload Your Pilot: Creators are invited to upload new pilot episodes of their SFW shows to ManyVids using the category tag "SFWpilot" during the promo period. Whether it's a concept that's been brewing in your mind or a show you've already launched elsewhere, as long as it's new to ManyVids and SFW, it's eligible. 
  • Safe-for-Work Focus: Your profile must feature a minimum of 5 safe-for-work videos to qualify. We're looking for content that broadens the scope of creativity and appeal on our platform. 
  • Promote Your Show: Take to Twitter or Instagram to share a short clip or teaser of your show. Use the hashtag #SFWpilot and tag @ManyVids to ensure your submission gets noticed. The promotion isn't just about participation; it's about building buzz and excitement around your creative vision. 
  • Win Big: ManyVids will select the most compelling pilot videos and green light a full order of new episodes, offering financial backing to bring your vision to life. This is your chance to transition from creator to showrunner, with ManyVids supporting your journey every step of the way. 

Calling All Members: Be Part of the Magic   

Your voice matters! As we unveil the array of pilots, your engagement can help decide which shows will get the green light. Show some love to these productions, share your favorites, and let us know which ones you believe deserve full ManyVids funding. Your support can make all the difference in bringing innovative and entertaining new content to our community.   

Ready to Launch? 

April could be the month you take the leap from creator to cinematic pioneer. Dive into Pilot Season with your unique show concept, and let's create something spectacular together. With the support of ManyVids and the enthusiasm of our incredible community, there's no limit to where your creativity can take you. 

Pilot Season is not just a promotion; it's a launching pad for your creativity and a testament to the power of community-driven content. Let's make April a month to remember. Upload your pilot, share your vision, and let's revolutionize the landscape of content on ManyVids together! 

Winners will be announced in May after all submissions are reviewed. Get ready to showcase your talent and possibly see your show in full production, thanks to ManyVids! 

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