The circular image that represents the Creator on the Creators page.



Tags added to vids and photos for search and MV Top Earners purposes.


A private social feed that lets you send exclusive pics, vids and sexy notes to your loyal fans.

Content Manager

The page where you can reorder, pin, delete, and edit your vids.


A verified seller on ManyVids.

Custom Vid

A service where Members can order custom made vids based on a script.


Discount Manager

A tool for running discounts on your store.

Drop-down menu

Menu accessed by clicking the profile icon in the top right (on mobile, click the 3 lines in the top right).


Fund Me

A service where members can donate to a Creator for a certain goal.



The rating that best describes the general flow and emotion felt while viewing vids.



Site user who can purchase content on MV.

MV Awards

Our annual MV Awards contest where Creators are able to participate in various categories.

MV Boy

An MV Creator account type.

MV Contest

Themed contests that are held by MV regularly. See MV Blog and the Contest page for more details.

MV Girl

An MV Creator account type.

MV Intro

A vid that plays when someone hovers over your Portrait (profile picture).

MV Link

A link to allow you to give free content to members.

MV Live Beta

The live camming feature on MV.

MV Score

A score that is calculated automatically twice per day which determines a Creator's placement on the site.

MV Store

The official store where you can buy MV Gear.

MV Trans

An MV Creator account type.

My Contest

A personalized contest you can run on your profile as a service.

My Feed

A tab on MV profiles that contains a Creator or Member's recent activity (sales, posts, Re MV'd posts etc.)



Earnings that are paid out to MV Creators. Sent on the 1st and 16th of every month.

Personal Contest

A contest that you can set up on your profile and have members win prizes from you.

Phone Service

A service where members can have direct contact with a Creator either by phone or another chatting program.


The tall image that appears on the top-left of your profile.

Premium Membership

A paid subscription for members offering amazing perks across the entire site!


A Creator account type.

Profile Teaser

A short preview that plays when hovering over your Avatar.

Promo Blaster

An account setting where you can adjust the frequency of auto-tweets of your sales.

Promo code

A Creator-created code that a Member can use at checkout for discounted prices for that Creator's products and services.

Purchase History

Where Members and Creators can access their paid-for content.



Share a post from the feed of someone you follow with just one click!


A 5-star rank Members can give on content they purchased (or on free content).


Stage Name

Your display name on ManyVids

Store Item

Items for sale to members found in the Creator's store on their profile.


Content that is only available via streaming and cannot be downloaded.



A short vid preview that plays when someone hovers over your avatar (circular image).

Texting Service

A service where members can text their favorite Creators using a chosen chat program.


A way for members to send tips to Creators.


Upload Rules

Rules that are in place for the safety and security of our Creators, as well as to remain compliant with our processors.


Vid Bundle

A subscription service allowing a member to access some or all of a Creator's vids for either stream or download.

Vid Teaser

A short preview that plays on a vid for members who have yet to purchase it.

Vid Thumbnail

A still/screenshot from a vid that represents the vid.

Video Chat

A service where members can video chat with their favorite Creators on a chosen vid chat program.


Video content uploaded by MV Creators.

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