What are the payout percentages on MV?

Payout percentages vary depending on which MV service you’re selling, but we’re proud to offer higher payout percentages than the industry standard

See the below chart for all payout percentages on MV by sale type! These are subject to change so check back here or on the Official FanClub page for any updates.
Some of these percentages are also noted on your profile under the "Services" tab.


Store Items


Custom Vids


VIP FanClub




Text Me / Vid Chat/ Call Me


Fund Me / Make it Rain / Tribute Me


Paid Contest Votes


RevShare Affiliate



*$0.08 per token

Pay To Open

80% on VIP FanClub*
60% on PM and MV Flyer

**RevShare applies only on certain sales  such as vid sales and does not include the following: Custom Vids, Make it Rain/ Tribute Me, Paid Contest Votes, Tokens, Pay To Open sent in VIP FanClub, Special Promotions or booking fees for photo/video shoots and is subject to change without notice.

* The $0.08 per token rate is a promo rate that we have implemented for the MV Live 80% Payout!

Why does MV keep a percentage of the sales?

We strive to be the best and do all we can for the MV Community!  

ManyVids needs an entire team to run the platform, and we reinvest back into the site to offer all Creators and Members the best user experience possible.   

What does it take to run a platform like ManyVids? Upkeep and maintenance are the main areas that require a lot of upkeep and expenses; this includes payment processing and top-notch customer service. Customer service expenses include, but are not limited to, server costs, office costs, full-time staff, fraud prevention, and security costs.   

We also launch research and development projects to constantly push the boundaries of what MV can do for its Creators (new features, market trends, processes, services, etc.). Along with these campaigns, the team has a prominent marketing operation that works to promote all Creators on multiple platforms, including our social media accounts and other media outlets.   

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