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To support our efforts to make MV a safe space for all users, external links / URLs and text mentions to other adult sites are not permitted. 

Live: We do NOT permit external links / URLs and text mentions to other sites on Live under any circumstances. 

Content: Watermarks in vids uploaded from February 20, 2021 onward that display links to other adult sites are also not permitted.  ManyVids cannot risk hosting links to other websites that may not hold the same standards for Trust & Safety as we do.  As social media platforms are designed for self-expression, Creators are permitted to link their X account in their Social Media settings.  

Please note: As of May 18th, 2021 we are enforcing an external link policy. We no longer permit any non-ManyVids URLs or links in the following on the platform, including but not limited to:

- Live

- Inbox 

- About Me  

- Feed (free) Posts  

- Wishlist


The MV Team will take action to remove any mentions of external links from the site. 

FAQs regarding external links on ManyVids

Are watermarks on vids permitted at all?

Yes, watermarks on vids that feature logos, stage names,  or any other unique identifier for content protection are allowed. Details on watermark acceptance criteria are available here.

Can I post external links to my social media profiles?

You are permitted to link X account in the social media section.

Can I link to my personal site or link tree site?

Personal websites or link tree sites are not permitted on the site, however, for vids specifically, please see article here.

When did this policy come into effect?

  • Any content uploaded before February 20, 2021 is excluded from the external link policy (any links or watermarks are permitted).
  • Content uploaded from February 20, 2021 onward is subject to the policy, however, enforcement only began on May 20, 2021. A 90 day notice period was provided to adjust content that was prepared before the policy was announced.
  • NOTE: Content uploaded from August 19, 2021 until December 31, 2021 displaying OnlyFans related watermarks are excluded from the below watermark policy.

Can I still send Direct Messages to Members with links to share files?

The following external links are permitted in the Inbox/PMs to share content: GoogleDrive, WeTransfer and Dropbox. You can also share content with Members via MV Link, along with all ManyVids content links. To learn how to create and send an MV Link, visit the article here!

Can I mention external sites, without using a link?

  • No. Directly mentioning certain platforms is not permitted in any area of ManyVids (Live, About Me, vids, Feed (free), Inbox, Contest entries etc.)
  • Full enforcement for mentions of external sites comes into effect as of May 18, 2021. Posts made before this date do not need to be edited by the account owner, as these changes will be applied automatically.  

Can I link to my entry in a contest on an external site?

Links to contest entries on external sites are not permitted.

What are considerations for links on my Live Broadcast?

Links are not permitted anywhere on Live. Overlays from software used on Live (ex. OBS or other types of cam splitters) cannot have any links or any external sites at all. For more information and guidance, visit the special acceptance criteria here.

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