MV Store Item ribbons!

Want to promote your new and bargain-priced Store items? We make it so easy to self-promote with ribbons! 

What are the ribbons and how do do they work? 

We have 2 ribbons for you to chose from: Best Value and New! Select these options under the 'Marketing' section of your item and your store item will display these ribbons. 

Store items can be highlighted as new or best value by checking the the "Promote As New" or "Promote As Best Value" check boxes. 

Ribbon options are available under the "Marketing" options on the page for editing your store item.

The New ribbon can be applied to as many Store items that you want and it will last a total of 14 days for each item. At that point, it can be manually re-added if you want the ribbon to be displayed longer. The <Edit> section will also display how many days are left before the ribbon expires. 

The "New" ribbon appears on the top right of your store item thumbnails for 14 days.

The Best Value ribbon can be added to a maximum of 3 items at a time. To change which item is displaying the ribbon, you can simply remove it from a store item and add it to another one. 

The "Best Value" ribbon appears on the top right of your store item thumbnails.

For more information about setting up your MV Store, go to the link here!

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