Choose Your Own Path

The easiest part about becoming an Live Creator is choosing what works best for you. You can become a full-time Live Creator and create a schedule for your live shows. Or you can simply go live as often as you’d like. You can also opt for a more sporadic approach by using Live for special occasions and creating unique events or live shows to help propel something else you’re promoting.

Here are some examples of great ways to use Live:

  • Celebrate your birthday
  • Promote the launch of NEW content
  • Host an AMA (Ask Me Anything) allowing your fans to ask questions about you
  • Highlight your participation in the MV Awards or Contests-- encourage your fans to vote!
  • Celebrate special events (ex: Halloween, Black Friday, Holiday, New Year, Valentine’s Day, your MV Anniversary, etc.)

Going Live for any occasion will help generate extra income on Vids, Club subscriptions, Custom Vids, Contest votes & much more!

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