Messaging Inbox

Your MV Inbox

On MV we have an in-site messaging system that you can use to reach out to Members and Creators!

The chat icon appears next to the cart on the top right of the screen.

Click the messenger icon to access your Messaging Inbox.

Clicking on this icon will take you to your private message area where you can check all your new and past messages.

To be able to start a new message simply click on the <New Message> button then type out the username on the Recipient  field:

Here you can also access your Club (PTO messages only) and Broadcast!

Click Send to send your messages.

Inbox Tools

Once you have an existing conversation going on you will be able to do a number of things from within your inbox in relation to who you are speaking with.

Archive - Sends your conversation to the Archive where they can be filtered

Delete - Remove your entire chat history.

Block - Blocks the person you are speaking with from sending further messages & accessing your profile.

Report - Instantly sends the MV Team a report in case you encounter any issues with who you're conversing with.

Click the 3 grey dots in the top right corner to pull up the menu. Then select the action you want to take.

Follow - You have the option to follow other users from the Inbox page by clicking the "Follow" button next to their username: 


You may also filter out your conversations according to conversations that are Unread or those that have been Archived

You can easily search for conversations by using the filter in left corner of your inbox!

Pinning - You can pin conversations so they appear at the top of your inbox messages! Simply click the pin icon on the top right:

Requirements for Creator Inbox Messages

Creators are allowed to include other performers in Vids, Pics, or Pay-to-Open Inbox messages, as long as we have previously age verified your co-performer(s) and have clear proof of consent per our Terms of Services Section 6.5. This includes regular and Broadcast messages.

If you wish to send Inbox content featuring another Creator, contact and let us know which Creator you plan to include in your content. Make sure to have your co-performer sign a co-model release form as we will ask for a copy when you contact us. The work title on the release form can be a general "ManyVids Inbox content" statement.

To verify a co-performer that is not currently a Creator, simply send a copy of their valid government issued photo ID, along with a signed co-model release form, to before you publish any content featuring them!

Please note, per 2257 regulations, we highly recommend you keep a copy of their ID and a signed release form on file as we can request these at any time. You can find our blank release form here.

Requirements for Member Inbox Messages

Members are not permitted to send pics featuring any NSFW material.

Members may reach out to Creators from whom they've made a store purchase from for 30 days starting from date of purchase

 Premium Members have unlimited messaging and image sharing privileges to all Creators. For more information on Premium Membership, click here

The inbox feature is used to connect with Members, and other Creators to expand your Community. Any excessive abuse of the feature could be considered spam may result in your messaging privileges being revoked. 


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