How do I change my Private show price?

For a member to take a Creator Private during MV Live,  the default price is 60 tokens per minute (1 per second) and requires the member to have a minimum of 180 tokens (enough for 3 minutes). To change these prices, click the <Settings> tab at the bottom of your live room, and select the <Private Shows> tab.

This is where you will be able to change your Private Show cost!

Here, you will see a sliding scale that will allow you to change your "Tokens per minute" price for Private to anything from 5 tokens to 600 tokens (in 5 token increments). As you change the slider, you will also notice the amount of tokens a member will need to own before requesting a private show will change. For example, in the image above, the cost per minute has been changed to 100, therefore the minimum amount of tokens a member must own to make a Private request is 300, or 3-minutes worth.

Make sure to save your changes, have your Private Show switch set to "On" and have a great show!

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