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How do I create an MV Star account?
A step-by-step walkthrough to create your MV Star account on ManyVids, including links to troubleshooting tips for common issues.
What MV Star account type is right for me?
Looking to sign up to monetize your passions on ManyVids? Find out what kind of MV Star account would be best for you!
What types of IDs are accepted?
Outlines the various types of government issued photo identification accepted on ManyVids for MV Star accounts getting verified.
Who can see the information I provide?
Describes the security measures in place for MV Support to securely receive and review photo identification to verify new MV Stars on ManyVids.
How do I get my account approved?
A full walkthrough of the MV Star onboarding process to guide you through the necessary steps to get verified as an MV Star on ManyVids.
How long does it take to get approved?
Find out how long it can normally take for your MV Star account to be approved by MV Support, and some tips and tricks to speed up the approval.
I got an email asking for more information, what do I do?
What to do when you are contacted by MV Support to provide additional verification information during your account approval on ManyVids.
I've been approved! Now what?
A helpful list of articles for MV Stars that have recently been approved on ManyVids to help them set up their profile and start monetizing their passions!
Why can’t I create an account?
A full walkthrough of troubleshooting tips for MV Stars and Members experiencing issues creating their new MV account on ManyVids.
How To Join ManyVids
How to join ManyVids as a Member.

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