Sign up with Google & X SSO

Sign up using Google SSO or X SSO!

Members now have the option to log in or sign up using Google Single Sign-On (SSO) or X SSO! Simply click "Continue with Google" for your Google account or Continue as a Member with X to sign up or log into your account.

Setting your stage name

If you've signed up using Google SSO or X SSO, you'll be assigned a random set of characters for a username. You'll want to update your stage name so other people on MV know who you are!

  1. Log out and click "Forgot Password" to reset it: 
    Click here to reset your password
  2. After resetting your password, log back in
  3. Click the drop down menu
  4. Settings
  5. Account > View
  6. Enter your new display name
  7. Enter your password
  8. Save

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