How do I make a vid exclusive to my Membership?

It is up to you if you want to include or exclude a vid from your Membership. 

If you want to really entice a fan to sign up for your Get my vids Membership, then you can create vids that are exclusive to your Membership and they can only access if they subscribe! Or, if you have some remarkable vids that truly need to stand on their own you can also exclude any vids you wish from your Vid bundle Membership package, so they are sold separately! 

The vids that are exclusive to your membership will show "Membership" where the price would normally be, and instead of an "Add to cart" button, there will be a "More Info" button that shows your different Membership options.
This is how Membership exclusive vids appear on your profile.
To do this, go to the edit details of the vid you want to only be featured in your Membership either by hitting the blue "Edit" button under the vid on your profile or by going to your:

  1. Drop-down menu
  2. Manage my store 
  3. Content Manager
  4. Locate the vid and hitting the 3-dots to the right of it 
  5. Click Edit
  6. Go to the section titled "Your Membership" and click the box labeled "Exclusive (this vid cannot be purchased outside of your membership)" 
  7. Click Save 

Your vid is now only available as part of your Membership!

You can also edit what vids are included, excluded, and exclusive to your Membership by:

  • Going to the Dashboard
  • Quick links
  • Membership

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