[Member] How to identify 4K vids!

We always recommend verifying that your device is 4K playback compatible prior to purchasing 4K vids.

Identifying 4K vids is easy, the resolution will indicate whether the vid is 4K or not. To find the vid resolution, simply click on the vid that you are planning to purchase, so that the vid details are all displayed. You'll be able to find the resolution to the left of the vid price. The screenshot below indicates what you'll need to look out for: 

4K vids will have a resolution of  3840 x 2160. 

Importantly, if you're planning on streaming the content in 4K, be sure that your bandwidth is sufficient for a smooth streaming experience! We recommend a download speed of at least 25 Mbps, you can verify if your download speed is sufficient here: www.speedtest.net

Having trouble streaming your 4K vid?  You may want to try out our  Vid Streaming Troubleshooting Tips.

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