What is VIP FanClub and how do I set up this service?

VIP FanClub is a private Fanclub subscription service that lets you instantly send exclusive pics, vids, and sexy notes to your most loyal fans! 

To get started, go to your My Profile > Services > Add next to VIP FanClub

Set the price for each month range you wish to offer, (between $1.99 and $29.99 a month) and then hit <Save>. Your VIP FanClub is now set up!

To find out how to start adding content to your VIP FanClub , click here!
How to make a post public, click here!

Members will be able to see how many vids, pics, and notes are included in your VIP FanClub as well as the price of subscription by checking the  box on your profile. 

Want to offer a Trial version of your  VIP FanClub? Below the FanClub Plans under "VIP Fan Trial" select the number of days you want the trial to last and the price (minimum $1.99).

Trial subscribers will be able to access your VIP FanClub for the time period you set. Once the trial is over the member will be set to auto-renew as a full 1-Month subscription (you must have a 1-Month VIP FanClub plan option to create a trial). Make sure to hit <Save> when you're done!

Please Note: Subscribers will continue to have access as long as they continue to pay, and billing will be automatic. You can always edit your prices, but any subscriber will continue to pay the original price they paid as long as they continue to auto-renew, this goes for promo code discounts as well.

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