How do I set up my Membership?

A Membership will give a purchasing member access to all of your vids, either for full download or on a stream-only basis (specific vids can be excluded, more on that later). The member will continue to have access as long as they continue to pay, and billing will be automatic, making this a great source of consistent earnings. You'll only be able to set up a Membership once you have 5 or more vids uploaded for sale. 

To get started, go to your drop-down menu > My Content > Add/Edit Services and click "View" next to "Membership". Here, you'll see an option to set prices for each pay period (1-month, 3-months, 6-months and 12-months).

The menu for creating your Membership.

Clicking the "Make all membership vids Stream Only" box will mean that none of the vids can be downloaded through your Membership. Once you have added one or more pay periods and hit save, your Membership will be active!

Now, on your profile, just underneath your profile pic, members will see a pink button that says "Get My Vids" which is where they can purchase the Membership.
"Get My Vids" will be active on your profile once your Membership is created!
You can always go back and edit your prices, but please note, any member who purchases your Membership will continue to pay the original price they paid as long as they continue to auto-renew, this goes for promo code discounts as well.

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