What MV Star account type is right for me?

We're excited that you're looking to sign up with ManyVids as an MV Star! Below are the MV Star account types that are available:

  • MV Girl - Must be female account owner, all content must feature account owner.
  • MV Boy - Must be male account owner, all content must feature account owner.
  • MV Trans - All content must feature account owner.
  • Producer - For those looking to post content they own the rights for but are not always featured in their content.

    Below is a chart to help determine which account type is right for you based on the content you plan to upload. Your account type will also depend on the owner of the account, for example, an MV Girl account must be owned by the performer. 
    Key: G = Girl, P = Producer, T = Trans, B = BoyMV Boy and Producer accounts are also sub-divided by preferences (straight, gay, also trans for Producers) so we can ensure you appear for users who are looking for your type of content.

    If you plan to perform as a Couple, you would be best suited for a Producer account, and we ask that you contact us at help@manyvids.com after adding your documentation to your application to inform us that this is the case.

    Please note, MV reserves the right to change MV Star account types at any time at our discretion. If you are unsure of which type of account you should have, or if you feel you need to change your account type, please contact our Support Team and they'll be happy to help at help@manyvids.com.

    To get started creating your account, click here!