MV Live


How can I start, suspend or end my MV Live Show?
Go live and interact with your fans!
How do I setup/edit my MV Live Tip Menu?
Set up your Tip Menu for MV Live and get more tips from your fans!
What is Lovense?
Learn more at!
How do I connect my Lovense toy to MV Live?
Connect your Lovense to MV Live!
How do I set up my Lovense levels?
Set up your Lovense to your liking!
How do I change my Private show price?
Learn how to change your Private Show cost!
How do I set up my Prize Wheel during a live show?
Earn tokens in a new way with our digital Wheel!
How do I convert My Tokens from MV Live into earnings?
Ready to convert your hard earned tokens to earnings? Here's how!
How much do MV Stars earn per token?
Earn more with MV Live!
How do I add vids and/or store items to my MV Live Store?
Want to advertise some of your top vids and store items to members who are enjoying your live performance?
How can I record my MV Live shows?
Record your live sessions to sell later!
How can I verify another performer for MV Live?
Cam with friends!
How do I block a member from my MV Live room?
Have an unwelcome visitor in your chat? No worries! You have a few options to deal with this type of situation.
Why do some members have different colour usernames in MV Live?
Find out what the different color usernames indicate!
MV Live Mobile camming
What can you expect from MV Live Mobile camming?
MV Live Mobile Tips and Tricks!
Welcome to the MV Live Mobile Survival Guide. We're sharing a few tips to help you make the most out of this feature.
What is MV Live?
Learn all about MV Live!
How do I add/edit the topic for my MV Live room?
Give your Live Room a topic to let all your visitors know your vibe.
How do I set a Goal for my MV Live room?
Get your fans working together and earn lots of tips!
How do I set a Moderator for my MV Live room?
Get a trusted member to help you monitor your room while you perform!
MV Live General Settings
Have it your way and set your Live room up to your own preferences!
How do I report someone spamming my MV Live chat?
Get rid of spammers with one click!
How do I change my Microphone/Camera for MV Live?
Offer the highest quality stream possible!
MV Live Star of The Day
Your fans must really love you! Becoming MV Live Star of the Day is achieved by getting the most tips within a given period and will give you extra promotion to your live room or profile for a set time!   MV Live Star of the Day is rewarded ...
MV Live Private Shows
Get one-on-one with your biggest fans!
MV Live 80% Payout!
The MV Team is excited to announce our new 80% payout for MV Live! This means that your token earnings will increase from $0.06 to $0.08 per token. This is a great opportunity to maximize your revenue, gain more exposure and connect with even more f...
MV Live Change Your Chat Access
MV Stars have the option to allow or restrict access their MV Live Chat!  You can set your preferences directly from your Settings tab in your MV Live Room: - To enable all members to chat in your room, simply toggle the setting to "Cha...
How is the MV Live Score calculated?
Want to know how to increase your MV Live Score? Read on!
Lovense Troubleshooting Tips!
Having trouble connecting your Lovense toys? We've got some tips to help you!
How are my MV Live recordings saved?
Find your recorded MV Live shows in your vid uploader!
General Rules for MV Live!
It's your time to shine! We want our MV Stars to have the best experience during their live shows. ManyVids is a place to be yourself, and freely express your creativity. In order to ensure that your live session happens in a safe and fun enviro...
How to use OBS on MV Live!
We're excited to let you know that OBS is now compatible with MV Live!  How do I set up OBS in my MV Live Room?  Setting up your MV Live room with OBS is so easy, simply follow these steps:  Go to your profile and open an MV...
OBS Troubleshooting!
To ensure a smoother streaming experience for both you and your viewers, please ensure that you have the recommended settings in OBS!  What are the recommended settings in OBS?  Check to ensure that you have the following Output ...

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