How can I start, suspend or end my MV Live Show?

Starting a Live Room:

You can create an MV Live Room by clicking on the pink cam icon, found on the upper right-hand side of any page. Alternatively, you can also access your MV Live Room by clicking on the Drop-Down Menu > MV Live Setup.

When loading the page for the first time, you will need to allow the page to access your cam & mic. To do so, simply click on the <Allow> on the pop-up located underneath the browser's address bar.

Going Live:
Once you're all set to go live, click the <Go Live> at the bottom of your room. Your fans can now come watch you live and send you tips!

Going Offline (does not end your room): If you need to take a break simply click <Go Offline>. This will keep your room open, but people will not see you live.

Ending your Live Room:When you are done, end your room by clicking <Leave Room> and confirm.

MV Live is a feature packed platform, so be sure to check out our other MV Live articles if you need any help setting these features up!

Have a great show!

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