How can I verify another performer on my FanClub feed?

You are allowed to include other performers in your FanClub feed, as long as we have previously age verified your co-performer(s) and have clear proof of consent per our Terms of Services Section 6.5.

If you wish to publish  FanClub (Free) content featuring another MV Star, make sure to toggle the option "Yes" on your post to declare your co-performer. You will need to keep your co-performer's ID and signed release form, as we may ask for a copy of the documentation. The work title on the release form can be a general " FanClub feed content" statement.

To verify a co-performer that is not currently an MV Star, simply send a copy of their valid government issued photo ID, along with a signed co-model release form, to before you publish any content featuring them!

Please note, per 2257 regulations, we highly recommend you keep a copy of their ID and a signed release form on file as we can request these at any time. You can find our blank release form here.

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