How do I access my VIP FanClub?

You can access your exclusive VIP FanClub subscriptions through your memberships tab in your profile. Simply, select VIP FanClub underneath the memberships tab and hit the  "View Content" button to get directed to the  VIP FanClub that you wish to access. 

The MV Inbox is used to receive Pay To Open content from MV Stars you are subscribed to.

Alternatively, you can access the VIP FanClub content from your Purchase History. Go to your drop-down menu and select Purchase History. Next select 'VIP FanClub' from the filter in the right hand corner. 

Your  VIP FanClub subscriptions will all be displayed in your Purchase History. Note: Expired subscriptions will still be listed and you have the option to renew them if you desire. 

Another way you can view MV Stars FanClub feed, is to go directly to the MV Star's profile (ensuring that you have an active subscription with them) > locating their MV Social tab and selecting "VIP FanClub". 

To learn how to turn off recurring billing for VIP FanClub subscriptions, visit the article: How to turn off recurring billing for a subscription such as VIP FanClub or Membership?

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