How do I set a Goal for my MV Live room?

Setting an overall Goal for your MV Live room is a great way to get your fans working together towards a common goal! When you set a Goal, all visiting members will see it, and if anyone tips in any way it will contribute to the goal!

Your goal will be tracked so once it's complete you can fulfill what all your fans were working towards!

To add a Goal, when you open a new live room, click <Add a Goal> to the left of your live feed.

Next, add the Goal title and Goal amount so your fans will know what you will do once the goal is met and how much to get there. Make sure to hit <Save>!

Some side info:

  • - The maximum token Goal amount permitted is 9, 999.
  • - The maximum characters permitted for a Goal is 30.

Now your Goal is set! Remember, you can always edit the title and amount for any active Goal, and you can always set a new Goal once the current one is met! 

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