How do I set a Moderator for my MV Live room?

Need a little help in monitoring your live room and making sure everyone is having a good time? If you have a member you trust, you can set them up as a Moderator for your current live session and they will appear in Green so everyone knows it!

To set a member as a Moderator for the current live show, hover over their name and click <Mod>. You can have one Mod at a time and they will lose Mod privileges as soon as you end the live session. You can also remove this yourself by hovering over them again and clicking <Unmod>.
When you make a member a mod they will be notified. Mods are able to mute other members for 24 hours, or block them completely from your profile!

This is a great way to make sure you can focus on performing even if you do have someone in your room who isn't vibing.

If you ever do have someone causing you issues in your live room and you feel their actions go against our Community Guidelines, please be sure to block and report them to MV Support! 

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